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Through grass roots consciousness raising we have managed to change the conversation, now we must get to the next level.

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Deadline to register to vote: MIDNIGHT on Tuesday 16th April to register to vote 


Deadline to apply for a postal ballot: 5pm on Weds 17th April to apply for their postal ballot


Deadline to apply for valid photo ID: 5pm on Weds 24th April


Please Note - You do not need photo ID if voting by post or appointing a Proxy to vote on your behalf, but your Proxy needs valid photo ID to cast our vote for you. 

It is best to vote early so that you don’t forget. However, you can hand your postal ballot in on Polling Day at your local Polling Station from 7am through to 10pm if you miss the post. When handing your postal ballot in, you must wait for it to be properly logged or else it will be void.

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