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About Us

Kellie-Jay Keen founded Party Of Women to make sure that people can safely say

No woman has a penis

No man has a vagina

There is no such thing as "non-binary"

And "transitioning" children is abuse

Our concerns:

  • Men who claim to be women are in female-only spaces.

  • Children are being indoctrinated into this nonsensical ideology at school in PSHE, as well as the entire curriculum.

  • Female language is being erased and diluted. The NHS refers to birthing persons, chest feeders, cervix havers, menstruators or vagina havers.

  • Women’s sport is being given away to mediocre men who pretend to be us.

  • Women are not able to speak freely about our concerns in our places of work, within the NHS, to our children's schools,  and in all areas of our public and private life without fear of intimidation or punishment.

  • Single-sex spaces and services are vanishing in care, hospitals, and schools, and even on Girl Guides residential trips!

Our solutions:

  • Repeal the Gender Recognition Act  2004.  This act created the legal fiction that allows men to be recognised as women.

  • Remove the protected characteristic of “gender reassignment” in the Equality Act.  This is often used to discriminate against women.

  • Restore all government institutions and services to reality based,  impartial and professional establishments.

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