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Bernadette O'Malley

South West Hertfordshire

Standing in the 2024 general election

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I’m Bernadette O’Malley and I live, work and have raised my family in South West Hertfordshire.

I am proudly running as a candidate for the Party Of Women with a clear mission: to restore safeguarding and to rectify the corruption of policies, laws, and guidance brought about by the substitution of 'sex' with 'gender'.

In South West Hertfordshire, I urge you to cast your vote for the Party Of Women. Let your vote serve as a powerful message to mainstream politicians: this issue is not a mere pawn in their political games. Our voices matter, our truths matter, and the well-being of our mothers in care homes across South West Hertfordshire, our sisters in Watford General, and the content of our children's curriculum through Herts Grid for Learning, all matter profoundly.

Will Party Of Women win? Absolutely!

By voting, you will help us demonstrate to mainstream politicians that this issue is crucial and cannot be ignored. Every vote counts and together, we can make our voices heard. Let your vote be their conscience. 

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