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Bev White

St Neots & Mid Cambridgeshire

Standing in the 2024 general election

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Find me:

Mon 17th June 10:30 - Over & Willingham

Tues 18th June 18:00 - St Neots Citizen Hub

Wed 19th June 19:00 - Cambridgeshire & Peterborough elects

Mon 24th June 12:30 - BBC Cambridgeshire

Mon 24th June 19:30 - St Andrew's Girton

I’m standing as a Party Of Women candidate for St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire because I do not believe anybody on the ballot paper will adequately represent me, an adult human female. 

I initially became aware of the issue of ‘transitioning’ around 2011 while working within Littlehey Prison. I left the prison thinking ‘this is mad, nobody will allow men into women’s prisons!’ I pushed my concerns aside knowing ‘there is nothing I can do’, after an incident in 2017 I lifted the rock, began reading, found and joined women’s groups, read more, attended events, listened and eventually started writing letters, then getting involved with on street activism.


Despite living in a democracy, over the years my questions to elected representatives about aspects of self-identification (self ID), gender identity and the impact on women and girls, have been ignored, met with derision, scorn and name calling, rather than reasoned conversation. This led to me making the decision on Saturday 18th May to stand as a parliamentary candidate.

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