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Hazel Exon

Honiton & Sidmouth

Standing in the 2024 general election

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Who really believes that men can change into women or vice versa? That it is acceptable to let young children think that they can choose to be a boy or a girl, regardless of their biological sex? That anyone can be “born in the wrong body”?


Who really thinks that it is okay to allow doctors and surgeons to mutilate their young patients’ bodies by removing healthy breasts, penises or other body parts in the name of so-called “gender-affirming care”? Or prescribe chemical hormones/puberty blockers which often alone are enough to result in infertility as an adult?


Who thinks it acceptable that men identifying as women can access what should be women-only spaces like sports changing rooms, public toilets, shop-fitting rooms? Or that women in care homes, hospital wards and even prison cells should be forced to share intimate spaces with men?

Not most ordinary people.


We all know why it is so difficult to express our views on these and many other related issues but now is the time to break the silence. I decided to stand in this election so that you would have a real choice on the ballot form. Cast your vote for Party of Women and speak up at the bus-stop, in the supermarket queue, in your doctor’s waiting room, whenever you are asked about your “pronouns” at work. It’s time.

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