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Katharine Margaret Murphy

Finchley & Golders Green

Standing in the 2024 general election

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I am Katharine Margaret Murphy and I am standing as the Party Of Women candidate for election in Finchley & Golders Green because there is a war on Women and children and I'm here to fight it.

I am a grooming-gang/child-sexual-abuse survivor who was filmed and raped while drugged unconscious in the late 80s. If I had been born 30 years later, I would have sought refuge in gender ideology.

I didn’t know much about the “transing” of children until I volunteered with Childline as a counsellor. I was horrified to discover I was expected to tacitly support children’s delusions about their sex and say things to them that could convince them to begin a lifelong medical journey which may include sterilization or mutilation.

Similarly worrying, trans ideology allows grown men with sexual fetishes entry to Women’s and girls private spaces and everyone is terrified to tell the truth about it. I am standing for the Party Of Women to make sure that people can safely say the following without fear of being arrested:

No woman has a penis
No man has a vagina
There is no such thing as "non-binary"
And "transitioning" children is abuse

I look forward to the return of:

- No men in Women's sports.
- No men in Women's jails.
- No perverts or porn addicts in Women's, children's, and vulnerable people's private spaces, especially in hospitals, schools, daycare, and end-of-life care.
- No trans invasion of gay and lesbian spaces.


I stand for truth and common sense.

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