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Linda Law

Norwich South

Standing in the 2024 general election

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I arrived in Norwich in the late 1980’s to train for my job in the healthcare sector.  I loved the people I met here, so I stayed! I’ve lived and worked in the area, supporting the local community, for more than thirty years. I’m an active community contributor having been the Chair of a local playgroup and the Cub Scouts. I’ve been an active member of both Primary and Secondary School Parent Teacher Associations. 

My main reason for standing for the Party of Women in this Parliamentary Election is simple: I’m afraid that not enough attention is being given to the fundamental rights of women and children and they are under threat. This threat stems from women’s erasure in language. Women are called dehumanising terms: - ‘chest feeders’, ‘birthing people’, ‘cervix havers’, ‘menstruators’, ‘non-men’ and ‘cis’-women.  

Girls in changing rooms may see adult male genitalia, simply because a male can now say he’s a woman. This has already happened in the UEA Sports Park! Women have also been denied same sex intimate care in hospitals and nursing homes. 

Libraries are indoctrinating children into thinking that people can change sex. This has already happened at the Millenium Library. 

Lesbians are barred from dating apps because they do not want to date men who claim to be women. 

Children in schools are denied privacy and share toilets. This has happened in some Norfolk schools. What is happening in your children’s school?


Vote for me to send a strong message to the main political parties whose legislation is threatening the safety, privacy and dignity of women and children.   

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