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Liz Panton

Newcastle upon Tyne East & Wallsend

Standing in the 2024 general election

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People who live in Newcastle East and Wallsend will be shocked to discover that an NHS Service in this constituency says Health Care Professions should take advice from an online document published by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). 


WPATH "Standards of Care 8" recommends the "Eunuch Archive", a forum for people who fantasise about the sadomasochist castration, torture, sexual abuse and killing of children.


The Party Of Women campaign slogan is, "Dare to be Honest".


We Dare to be Honest that


* Sex Equality does not mean that men and women are the same

* Men are male, women are female, we are equal but different

* 99% of sex offenders are male, 88% of their victims are female

* Boys can be feminine, girls can be masculine, it's no big deal

* Nobody is "born in the wrong body"

* It might mean that they could grow up to be happily gay or lesbian

* "Transing them straight" is homophobic gay conversion

* No woman has a penis, no man has a vagina and "non-binary" is nonsense

* Some people like to flip or mix their appearance: it's normal, it's not "gender queer"

* No amount of cross-sex hormones or cosmetic surgery changes a person's sex

* It harms all children to pretend or teach that anyone might "really" be the opposite sex

* Socially or medically transitioning children is profound child abuse


Party Of Women will stop the NHS wasting money


* amputating healthy breasts, vaginas and wombs and constructing fake penises for women who think they are men

* castrating men who think they are women

* pumping them both full of cross-sex hormones that result in serious health problems and make them life-long cash-cows for drug companies

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