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Sally portrait

Sally James

Stood in the 2024 local election

Ellesmere Port
Wolverham Ward

She received 42 votes, coming ahead of the Liberal Democrat and Conservative Party candidates, taking just over 5% of all votes!




Hello! My name is Sally James and I'm delighted to be standing in the Wolverham by-election for Party Of Women, in Cheshire West and Chester.

I have lived in Cheshire West and Chester for 24 years, having moved to the area for work. I fell in love with the vibrant towns and beautiful countryside and never left. As well as being passionate about my adopted home, I also care very deeply about women's rights and the safeguarding of children. We women have fought throughout history for our rights and they are now in very real danger of being given away.

Our single-sex spaces are under threat and our children are in danger. Men who identify as women have access to women's changing rooms, toilets, gyms and even hospital wards. Boys and men are taking the place of girls and women in sports teams, on committees and female lists, and stealing awards. Vulnerable female prisoners can be incarcerated with violent male criminals, whilst detainees can be intimately searched by a man who identifies as a woman. A victim of sexual assault may find herself being faced with a man in a rape shelter. Our children are being taught that they have a “gender identity” and can be born in the wrong body.

This has to be stopped. Humans can't change sex. No one is born in the wrong body. No one can “transition” to another sex, least of all children, who need to be protected from this ideology. Single-sex spaces matter and need to be retained.

Our fundamental rights and those of our children to safety, privacy and dignity are under attack. 

I have been involved with grass roots campaigning for some time now, and have been horrified to witness how women who speak out against this ideology are silenced, sometimes losing their livelihood and social circle. This is why the formation of Party Of Women is so important. It has given women like me, and all those we campaign for, a voice. By tackling these issues at the local level, we can make a real difference to schools, hospitals and single-sex services. Only then can we reclaim our language and rights and protect our children from a hugely dangerous ideology. 

When I'm not campaigning I'm usually to be found caring for and walking my three dogs. I love animals and go horse riding whenever I can. I also enjoy cooking and entertaining and have recently taken up art classes.

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