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Una O'Mahony

Kensington & Bayswater

Standing in the 2024 general election

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I'm Una O'Mahony. I've been campaigning for women since my my late teens. For over a decade I have spoken out about the harm to women and children from trans ideology.  I've seen people lose their careers and women receive rape  and death threats as a result of speaking out. I  have stood as a steward ,  nose to nose with masked men shouting in my face,  while a disabled woman in a wheelchair nearby spoke about her fears her  daughter wouldn't receive same sex care. Lesbians (myself included) and gay men are called nazis and bigots  for being same sex attracted.


At Party Of Women we're pushing back against this ideology that has invaded every aspect of our lives, such as schools, the NHS and the Police. We don't want them decked in rainbow colours, we need them to do their jobs. The truth is the more rainbow associated an organisation is, the less they can be trusted to treat women fairly. 


We want to stop the grooming of children in schools, the mutilation of their bodies  and the sterilisation of vulnerable people. This is not progress. The Tavistock gender services have rightly been closed down  and is one of the biggest medical scandals of the twenty first century affecting thousands of young children. The level of harm should result in criminal prosecutions.


At Party Of Women, we're the only party who dare to be honest and say no one is born in the wrong body. We feel we need to alert parents and challenge politicians to make sure our children are safeguarded and we retain female language for women. If we can't say what a woman is, we can't have any women's rights.

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